Cooker hoods

A fresh breeze for your kitchen.

To make sure that you only smell what you really want to smell when you're cooking, we have developed a range of particularly powerful cooker hoods. In addition, insulation and a low-noise drive make them so quiet that you and your guests will barely hear a thing.

In what widths can you buy our cooker hoods?

Depending on the design range, our cooker hoods are available in widths from 40 to 120 cm.

What cooker hood is necessary for the size of your kitchen?

We can offer you the best cooker hood for any kitchen size. Whether you have an open living-room kitchen or a small, enclosed kitchen.

The cooker hood capacity should always be at least six times the room volume.

Cooker hood capacity = Length x width x height x 6

What makes a circulating cooker hood even quieter and more powerful?

The CleanAir Module special accessory

The CleanAir Module makes your air circulation system more efficient. It consists of a special active carbon filter which lasts twice as long as a comparable carbon filter. With almost the same capacity as a cooker hood in extraction mode, a cooker hood with CleanAir Module is 3 dB quieter.

What should be noted when it comes to cleaning and care?

All Bosch grease filters can be washed in a dishwasher. With cooker hoods, the enclosed inner housing makes cleaning easier, since there are no corners or edges here.

What is the difference between air extraction and circulating air systems?

With air extraction, the cooking vapours are extracted by the fan and passed via the exhaust air pipe into the open air or an air flue. With circulating air systems, the cooking vapours are circulated within the room for filtering.

How large should the diameter of the waste air duct be with an extractor hood?

We always recommend choosing the maximum possible diameter of 150 mm. If your exhaust air duct and wall sleeves are smaller than 120 mm in diameter, you may experience higher noise levels from the waste air. In this case, we would recommend a circulating air hood for low-noise operation.

How can performance losses be avoided?

To prevent performance losses, the space between the cooker hood and the wall sleeve should be as small as possible. If the distance is too far, we recommend circulating air for effective operation.

When should the cooker hood be switched on?

The cooker hood should be switched on before you start to cook. This will ensure that a draft is built up which sucks the cooking vapours upwards.

When should the kitchen be ventilated?

Extracted air always needs an air intake – which is why adequate ventilation is important. In extractor mode, a window should always be open near the hob. Ask your chimney sweep what should be taken into account if you have an additional fire source such as an open fire.

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