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When we develop cookers or ovens, our yardstick is you, and your everyday life. We measure our devices by much more than perfect baking results. We build them from the most stable materials and test their durability in endless stress tests. So you can be sure that they'll continue to give you outstanding service. Day after day after day.

What is the difference between a cooker, an oven and a compact oven?


Cookers are installed under the hob in a low-level unit under the worktop. The hob is controlled via the cooker. When you replace the cooker, make sure that it matches the hob


An oven can be installed either under the worktop or ergonomically at eye level in a tall cupboard. A separate hob can be installed individually, independently of the oven.

Compact ovens

Compact ovens with a recess size of 45 cm are ideal for ergonomic installation in a tall cupboard. You can replace an oven with a compact oven, supplement your oven with it or combine both. You can also combine a compact oven with an integrated microwave or with other convenient equipment.

How would you like to open your oven or cooker?

Drop-down doors

Drop-down doors open downwards. They are made from safety glass over the whole surface and are easy to clean. The cushioned hinges mean that they close very gently.

Pull-out unit with soft insert

The pull-out unit is pulled out in a forward direction, allowing you to insert and remove food easily. Cookers and ovens with pull-out units should ideally be built in under the hob.

Side-opening doors

The side-opening door with an opening angle of almost 180° provides safe, convenient access to the oven, especially if it is built in at eye level. You can choose between left-opening and right-opening doors.

What should I look out for when connecting up a cooker or oven?

All ovens are ready to plug in, but need a separate fuse. A cooker must be connected directly to the high-voltage current by a qualified electrician.

What should I look out for when connecting up a compact oven?

With a new compact oven, you should check the dimensional drawing in the product overview. Remember to check the height, depth and width.

What are the combination options for a 60 cm opening?

In a recess that is 60 cm high, you can combine a 45 cm high compact oven with a 14 cm warming drawer.

What must I take into account when replacing an old cooker?

Ask your specialist dealer whether the new appliance can be combined with the old hob.

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