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Dust comes back. Our high quality standards never go away.

Bosch offers the right solution for every floor care challenge – in a consistently high quality. Our vacuum cleaners are matched to the particular needs of your household: kind to sensitive wood floors, tough on animal hairs, easy to handle and with an exemplary power consumption. And the best thing is that you can choose the one that suits you best.

Bagless vacuum cleaners: powerful yet incredibly light. Without additional costs.

Our SensorBagless™ series of vacuum cleaners: The Runn’n is powerful whenever high performance is needed in a small space. The Zoo’o ProAnimal vacuum cleaner is particularly thorough whenever pets leave their traces. The Roxx’x is the strong all-rounder and the bagless Relaxx’x vacuum cleaner is barely audible.

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Bagged vacuum cleaners: Outstanding performance and greater convenience.

For any challenge that your home can throw at a vacuum cleaner: Incredibly powerful, or compact and agile, or extremely flexible with an extra wide range – with its large selection of bagged vacuum cleaners, Bosch has the appliance to suit your needs. And using original Bosch vacuum cleaner bags ensures more effective, longer-lasting cleaning and a longer working life for your appliance.

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Keeping a grip on cleanliness: with Bosch cordless handheld vacuum cleaners.

On carpets, wood floors or tiles – the Athlet cordless handheld vacuum cleaner from Bosch achieves particularly thorough cleaning results – with no bag and no cable. With its extra-long runtime, outstanding durability and short charging time, the handy Athlet is ready for use whenever you need it. The motorised electric nozzle and efficient SensorBaglessTM Technology ensure powerful cleaning performance right down into every joint. Light and handy for in-between cleaning: the cordless Move 2in1 handheld vacuum cleaner. Its removable handheld cordless vacuum cleaner is the ideal tool for cleaning upholstery, for example.

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Cleanliness with a flick of the wrist: with Bosch hand-held vacuum cleaners.

Convenient, with a good cleaning result: Bosch hand-held vacuum cleaners are real lightweights with an ergonomically shaped handle and just the right height. The hand-held, stick and furniture cleaners are suitable for all types of floor and have a hygienic filter system that produces clean, filtered exhaust air.

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Little helpers for in-between cleaning: practical rechargeable vacuum cleaners from Bosch.

Thanks to their low weight, space-saving design and cordless handling, the Bosch rechargeable vacuum cleaners are ideal for sprucing up small areas – such as upholstery or seats and small spaces in the car.

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The new Energy Label for vacuum cleaners: high performance, low energy consumption.

With the introduction of the Energy Label, only vacuum cleaners running at less than 1,600 W may be sold – and the limit falls to less than 900 W from 1 September 2017. This saves energy and protects the environment. Bosch welcomes the introduction of the Energy Label: This creates an enormous energy saving potential for the 210 million households in Europe. The crucial factor with a vacuum cleaner is not only the energy efficiency class, but also, in particular, the cleaning class in the lower part of the label. It is shown separately for carpets and hard floors. The noise level and dust emission class – which indicates how clean the exhaust air is – are further important factors to consider when choosing your vacuum cleaner.

Learn more about the Energy Label

Get the best performance from your vacuum cleaner with the new PowerProtect Dustbag.

Original vacuum cleaner bags will make sure you get the best performance from your vacuum cleaner. PowerProtect dustbags offer a particularly high suction power for low- as well as high-wattage appliances, even if the bag fills up. For maximum hygiene, PowerProtect dustbags filter 99.9% of fine dust particles and the practical hygiene lock ensures clean disposal. In addition, the PowerProtect dustbag efficiently protects your vacuum cleaner's motor, giving it a longer working life.

Thoroughly tested. Thorough cleaning.

To make sure that our vacuum cleaners also meet the highest quality standards, we make things tough for them: Before our canister vacuum cleaners are released for series production, they are switched on and off 45,000 times in our switching test. And the floor nozzles also have to have incredible staying power in fatigue tests covering lots of kilometres. These tough endurance tests produce a remarkable result: uncompromising quality, an outstanding cleaning performance and absolute reliability.

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